General Information & Policies

Credit Policy

Orders placed by new accounts are subject to prior credit approval, cash in advance, or credit card. Past due accounts will be subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month unless other terms or conditions have been established with our Accounts Receivable Department.


Terms and Conditions

All invoices are subject to payment terms of 1% 20, net 30. Special terms and conditions may be established. Discounts do not apply on credit card payments. There will be a $40.00 surcharge on NSF checks.



All orders will be received via e-mail, mail, courier, fax and our website. Orders requiring artwork or clarification will be placed on hold. The order and ship date will be entered once we have all the complete specifications and any pending questions are answered.


Acknowledgment of Orders

Orders will be acknowledged via e-mail within twenty-four hours after receipt of order during business working hours. It is the reponsibility of the distributor to check the factory′s interpretation for accuracy.



All quotes are valid for thirty days.



All pricing is based upon press ready, electronic files and/or camera ready artwork. All supplied artwork is subject to factory approval. After completion of an order, all artwork provided will be returned to the distributor with the invoice and production samples, unless otherwise specified.



Reorder files and all other related materials will be maintained for thirty six months from the date of the last order.



Cancelled orders will be invoiced $20.00, plus all other accumulated costs.


Complaints and Returns

Complaints should be made within a reasonable period of time depending upon the type of problem. Prior approval must be given and a return authorization number issued, before the product can be returned for replacement or credit.